Our Mission

Equity PAC is a 100% volunteer driven Michigan-based political action committee. Our mission is to continually increase the number of equity-minded officials, policies and practices in your local communities in Michigan. 

To do this, we mobilize time and money to support equity-minded candidates and ballot initiatives, provide policy education and advocacy, and encourage direct citizen action. 

Equity PAC is a strong hope to finally get the change we’ve been talking about.

Our Story

In 2016, crime in Grand Rapids was at a 50-year low when the City Commission decided, in closed chambers, to place 65 rifles in police cruisers. This decision was made without any public input, despite calls from some Commissioners to take public comment. Instead, the decision was made and announced later during a city commission meeting - a shock and concern to many community members given their existing concerns with how their neighborhoods are policed. 

Fed up with important decisions like this being made without public input or accountability, they decided to build a new source of candidate and ballot support, public engagement and trusted voice on key equity issues. It was here that a diverse group of concerned citizens came together to birth Equity Political Action Committee (PAC). 

Since then, Equity PAC has grown to hundreds of members, raised tens of thousands of dollars and mobilized hundreds of hours to support political candidates and ballot initiatives.

Leadership team

From our leadership team to our most active volunteers, we’re 100% volunteer driven. We are a fluid organization and welcome anyone who wants to own, lead or support political equity work with us. We’re made up of residents from diverse backgrounds, lived experiences, occupations, and income who all care about our advancing equity in our community. 

The Equity PAC Leadership Team consists of: Jeremy Moore, Russell Olmsted, Kelsey Perdue, Keyuana Rosemond, Darel Ross and Karina Zarate. 

Collective effort

This work is only possible with the hundreds of people who donate their time and money.