Our Mission

Equity PAC is a Michigan-based political action committee. Our mission is to continually increase the number of equity-minded officials, policies and practices in Michigan. To do this, we mobilize time and money to support equity-minded candidates and ballot initiatives, provide education and advocacy of equity-focused policies, and encourage direct citizen action to address a number of equity issues. 

We are a movement

Equity PAC is an avenue for equity-minded people who want to build a more equitable community through collective voice and impact on the local level. From our leadership to our most active volunteers, we are 100% volunteer driven.

Our Story

Equity PAC started in early 2016 when the Grand Rapids City Commission voted in favor of a plan to allow the Grand Rapids Police Department to acquire 65 rifles to place into their cruisers. Despite concerns and requests for public comment from City Commissioners Ruth Kelly and Senita Lenear, outgoing Commissioner Walt Gutowski and Mayor George Heartwell, current Commissioner David Schaffer and Mayor-elect Elect Rosalynn Bliss voted in favor of this measure. The decision was confusing to many because crime was at a 50-year low in Grand Rapids, and the decision was made in closed chambers and announced later during the public city commission meeting.

It was here that a diverse group of concerned citizens came together to birth Equity Political Action Committee (PAC). In less than a year, Equity PAC has grown to hundreds of members, and mobilized thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in support of equitable candidates.

Together, we are source of candidate and ballot support and accountability, a trusted voice on key equity issues, and are engaging people in democracy. Consider joining us.