Why an EPAC Endorsement

Since 2016, Equity PAC has endorsed equity-minded candidates, ballot initiatives, and advanced public discourse. We seek to support those willing to learn from others’ lived experiences and boldly make decisions that advance equity in all areas of public life.

We recognize that public leadership is complex. Equity PAC endorses candidates willing to listen, lead in empathy, and evolve as a representative of the people. We listen closely to the challenges our endorsed leaders face in advancing equity and support them in finding solutions.

In considering endorsement, we consider one’s understanding and approach to:

  • Racial equity in all areas of life and well-being 
  • Advancing and elevating LGBTQ rights
  • Equitable policing outcomes 
  • Equitable education policy 
  • Equitable economic outcomes 
  • Equitable health outcomes
  • Affordable and accessible housing for all

The benefits of an Equity PAC endorsement are many: 

  1. Money - to help you execute a successful campaign
  2. Time - volunteers that will knock on doors and make calls
  3. Public engagement - we put you directly in front of engaged, active voters 
  4. Diverse network - get the attention of voters looking for something better to believe in
  5. Strong support - we boldly defend the things we believe in, and people know it
  6. Allyship - we pledge to work with you to champion a variety of issues 
  7. Trusted source - a leading voice for equity, our support means something 
  8. Commitment - an avenue to publicly show your commitment to advancing equity in office