Equity PAC is an organization made up of members just like you, concerned residents who want to change your local community for the better. While not always glamorous, the work we do to advocate and push for equity is only made possible with your engagement. 

If you would like to make change, you don’t need to wait until the next election. There are many critical ways to engage in direct action right now. 

You can buy anything in the world except for time. Any amount of time you give is extremely valuable and makes a difference!

Be equity minded

The first step to forming an equitable community is to learn more about equity and how it informs the issues that impact you and your neighbors’ everyday lives. Many of us are experts in our community because of our lived experiences - we know the consequences of bad policy and the need for equity-minded electeds first hand. Share and engage with others who share your same goals on the Equity Voices West Michigan Facebook page. If you are on your equity journey, there are many resources available to support your learning and relationship building. 

Engage your local leaders

Leaders rely on hearing from you to inform their decision making. Build relationships with elected officials and participate in community engagement events to share your thoughts and ideas on the issues that you are most passionate about.

We publish call to actions on our Facebook pages and via email. 

Become a volunteer

Equity PAC is 100% volunteer driven and can always use more doers. If you are interested in donating your time to make a difference and help your community push for equity-minded officials, policies and practices, please add your information here

Some examples of volunteer possibilities include:

  • Canvassing/Phone Banking- Directly support equity-minded candidates and initiatives to get them elected
  • Host Fundraisers/Friend-raisers- Help develop the Equity PAC infrastructure through increased awareness and funds.
  • Skill-based Support (marketing/blog writing/event support)- Help write or run events or use other skills to advance the mission
  • Serving/Leading- Access financial and social support to explore political candidacy and/or lead a grassroots initiative.

Serve and lead

Finally, holding office or leading a grassroots initiative gives you even more influence and decision making powers. 

There are a number of local boards and commissions that you serve on to make decisions and impact throughout the city and county. If you live in communities that are most impacted by issues around policing, affordability or immigration justice, you can lead the change you wish to see. 

Whichever your approach, we want to support you. Please engage with us and apply for an endorsement.


From 2015 - 2019, 19 of the 31 candidates and ballot initiatives we've endorsed won - that's 61%! Donations are critical supporting this work. Help us support equity-minded candidates by making a contribution here