Are you ready to take action?

"The work" is not always glamorous or seen, but we need people like you to advocate, work, and advance equity. Here are some ways to engage now in direct action to increase the number of equity-minded officials, policies, and practices in Kent County.

Support equity-minded candidates

Help us knock on doors, make calls, and spread the word this summer on behalf of our endorsed candidates. Let voters know how these candidates will be an effective voice once elected. 

Work on key issue areas

Our Diversity of Government workgroup is working on a dashboard tool and campaign to address the lack of diverse representation in local government workforce, and explore strategies to increase make it more diverse. Email to see how you can be a part of this effort. 

This spring, we endorsed the Regional Enhancement Millage with caveats and concerns. Our newly formed education policy committee will begin to look at opportunities, determine needed action steps, and develop a tool to evaluate future candidates in education policy areas. If you're knowledgeable in this area, email us to learn more. 

We're ready to promote policy recommendations coming from the research, community engagement, and workgroups of other organizations that are already working on policing reform, immigration justice, and affordable housing on the local level. 

Engage in local democracy 

Attend your local neighborhood, school, city, or commission meeting. Track and report what conversations and decisions are being made around equity issues. We use this information to create a monthly report that we share out. If you want to be a part of this workgroup, email Amy at for more. 

Are you interested in learning more about how to run for office? Do you want more training on how to be an equity-minded leader? Use your Equity PAC volunteer hours for professional development in these areas. 

Become a lead volunteer

Do you have an idea on ways to educate, engage, or empower voters? Take the reigns and organize with us. Email us your idea and let's create a game plan.

We're 100% volunteer driven, and still need leads to help in the following areas: communication, event coordination, and volunteer coordination. If you have experience in these areas, or have other skills that could help us (i.e. design, data management, campaign experience, public speaking, etc.), please let us know. 


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