How do I become an Equity PAC member?


To become an Equity PAC member, donate at least $50 or commit to volunteering at least 10 hours. You can, of course, give above these minimums (and many of our members do). We wanted to be equitable in how we engage the community, and consider time and money as equally valuable to reaching our mission.

What are some examples of volunteer activities members participate in?


There are a number of ways for members to engage. Approved volunteer activities are action focused, and vary in their time commitment. Our goal is to educate, engage, and empower our members, so activities fall in these buckets and include things like: 

  • join an Equity PAC workgroup
  • volunteer with endorsed candidates (canvassing, phone banking, etc.)
  • work with equity focused organizations on key issue areas
  • host a fundraiser 
  • recruit other members
  • engage in public advocacy
  • participate in equity and/or public service leadership development

How are volunteer hours reported?


Every month, members receive a survey to report the number of hours and activities they engaged in for the month. We track this to gauge our collective impact. 

What are the perks of membership?


Equity PAC membership isn't based in an incentive or perks model. The donations and volunteer hours our members commit go directly towards reaching our mission. However, only current members are allowed to vote on endorsements. 

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