2020 Priority Areas

As Equity PAC leadership, donors, volunteers and supporters prepared for 2020, we knew we needed a few key policy areas to guide our work. After much thought, we selected critical areas that consider local electeds to be our best advocates to protect civil rights and advance equity as they stand between us and state and/or national leaders; key races that can turn the tide to better serve all residents; and issue areas that need our attention now. 

We believe progress for criminal justice, county commission seats and environmental justice are all obtainable goals we can win this year with your support. If you're a candidate who shares a commitment to equity and these policy priorities, we invite you to learn more about our endorsement process

Below is more on why we chose these priority aras. 

County commission

This body holds the purse and allocates money for key services like health and human services, criminal justice and more. Many county seats are up for election this year, so we have another chance to make sure the best people are in those seats. As we deal with COVID-19, this body is also key to allocating relief funds and leading public health protection efforts. 

Criminal justice

The local criminal justice system plays a major role in preventing or continuing the criminalization of poverty, discriminatory practices and more. We need judges on city, county and state benches that are equity minded. 

Environmental Justice

As protectors of the greatest body of freshwater on the planet and in recognition that all our lives are intertwined with the health of the earth, we believe we need public officials who will work on anti-racist environmental justice work.